You no need alternative to ahrefs if you can make it very cheap to use. In first part we discovered how to use ahrefs bot in Telegram which provide its service as ahrefs group buy.

I this part i’ll show how to fund money to bot balance.

1. Press the button shown on the picture (with bag of gold icon)

add funds to your ahrfs bot account

2.  Then choose option “Free-Kassa”

how to add money to ahrefs bot

3. Now enter the amonut. This bot was made by russian coders so it’s ask the amount in russian roubles.For example if you enter 65 it will approximately equal 1 US dollar. And this will enough to make 6 domain rank  checks or keyword explorations.

1 US dollar approx. equal 65 russian rubles4. Then Bot will generate payment link for you. Open link and choose suitable method to pay.

payment link generated

5. You can pay via card

add funds via card

6. Or choose most polular cryptocurrencies

add funds to ahrefs bot for domain analysis

7. Or other payment services like Payeer, Perfect Money etc.