The Best Email Marketing Tools for WooCommerce

Email marketing tools give today’s WooCommerce store owners the ability to develop leads over time. While marketing technology has certainly evolved over the years, email is still the best way to engage with customers long term.

With the right email marketing solutions, you can connect with your target audience, send purchase updates and even deliver more relevant messages based on each customer’s behavior in your store.

When used correctly, your marketing strategy can increase lifetime customer value and pave the way for increased loyalty among your customers. Luckily for WooCommerce store owners, there are many plugins and integrated tools you can use to align your store and your email marketing strategy.

Here’s your guide to some of WooCommerce’s most impressive email marketing tools.


WooCommerce's most impressive email marketing tools - SendinBlue

Sendinblue, probably one of the most famous email marketing tools on the market, is designed to work seamlessly with a number of website platforms, including WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce Sendinblue plugin is free to download and add to your store (although you’ll need a Sendinblue account to send emails).

The built-in integration automatically syncs all of your customers’ information with Sendinblue and consolidates your messages into one inbox. It’s also possible to broadly segment contacts based on their buying behavior by integrating WooCommerce transaction data into the Sendinblue environment.

Adding Sendinblue to WooCommerce is also surprisingly easy. All you have to do is visit your WooCommerce admin account and visit the extensions sections to add the plugin. You can then easily create and send attractive newsletters with optimized email delivery and personalization elements.

Pricing. The Sendinblue plugin for WooCommerce is free to download, but you’ll need a Sendinblue account to start sending emails. There’s a free version for beginners, and paid packages start at $35 a month for the lightweight version of the email marketing service or $65 for the premium solution, with access to landing pages, Facebook ads and multiple users.


  • Great support for unlimited emails
  • Easy integration with WooCommerce
  • Easily sync all contacts and product data
  • Create easy-to-use newsletters with drag and drop functionality
  • Send transactional and marketing SMS
  • Enabled sign-up forms
  • Facebook ads also available


  • It’s not the most scalable email tool for e-commerce.
  • Can be a bit difficult to learn.

Sendinblue offers a convenient and easy way to combine Sendinblue and WooCommerce sales data. You can quickly and easily align customer information and then use the combination to segment your audience, send transactional emails and enable multi-channel marketing in chat, SMS, Facebook and email.


Omnisend - for woocommerce, review

Omnisend, designed to simplify email marketing, provides an elegant and user-friendly environment in which business owners can create carefully crafted campaigns for their customers.

The Omnisend platform combines multiple channels to expand promotional opportunities, allowing businesses to send both text messages and emails. Used in your WooCommerce store thanks to built-in integration, Omnisend’s drag-and-drop email builder makes it easy to customize content.

You can sync your product catalog with your email environment to put product information in your newsletters and campaigns. There is also access to extensive reporting and direct access to your WordPress contact database.

Omnisend’s integration for WooCommerce is easy to use, and it comes with a great set of pop-ups and landing pages that you can access if you want to increase your chances of collecting email addresses for your marketing campaigns.

Pricing. WooCommerce integration with Omnisend is available as part of one of Omnisend’s pricing packages. There is a free version if you only need basic features and coverage for up to 250 contacts.

Standard email solutions start at $16 per month for 500 contacts, and email and SMS marketing start at $59 per month for 500 contacts.


  • Built-in integration of WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Excellent reporting and in-depth knowledge
  • Simple drag-and-drop builder
  • Great assortment of pop-ups and landing pages
  • Recommended products and emails about abandoned carts
  • Free version for beginners
  • SMS marketing support as well


  • Could easily become expensive
  • Limited free version

If you’re looking for a user-friendly, multi-channel marketing solution through WooCommerce, Omnisend is a great choice. Extensive customer segmentation and analytics also make it easy to make sure you’re providing your customers with the personalized experience they’re looking for in today’s marketplace.


MailPoet for woocommerce, review

MailPoet is another great email marketing solution with native integration for WordPress and WooCommerce. With the integration, you can manage your entire email marketing strategy from your WooCommerce dashboard, making it easier to track your customer journey, segment your marketing campaigns, and increase your chances of conversion.

There’s even a free plan for businesses with up to 1,000 subscribers to help you get started. The MailPoet WooCommerce integration comes with GDPR-friendly signup forms that help you collect emails from your target audience that will be automatically added to your WooCommerce list.

You can also create automated email marketing strategies to welcome customers or track them for abandoned carts. The email builder designed for WooCommerce also means you can easily make changes to the appearance of your emails from within the WooCommerce environment, so you don’t have to jump back and forth between apps when working on your promotional campaigns.

Pricing. As mentioned above, MailPoet has a pretty generous free plan, given that you can send unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers.

However, if you want to remove MailPoet’s branding and get access to more advanced email statistics and revenue reports, you’ll need a paid account.

Prices start at about $13 a month for basic features.


  • Dedicated WordPress and WooCommerce plugin
  • Extensive revenue measurements and reports
  • Place forms on the checkout page
  • Automated recommendations and abandoned carts
  • Multiple segmentation options for specific customers
  • Drag and drop editor in WooCommerce
  • Automated welcome emails and newsletters


  • Limitations of email templates
  • Some restrictions on email scheduling

MailPoet is a user-friendly and easy-to-use WooCommerce email marketing solution, with automation of recommendations, card abandonment, newsletters, and more.

You can even use a drag-and-drop editor for your emails in the WooCommerce ecosystem itself, saving a lot of precious time.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact Review

Another great tool for automating email marketing in WooCommerce, Constant Contact is a feature-rich tool for engaging customers across multiple channels.

You can access a huge number of templates for your email marketing strategies, as well as integration with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook so you can reach customers anywhere.

If you’re looking for an email marketing tool that can provide everything from product recommendations to marketing calendars, Constant Contact may be just the WordPress plugin you need. The integration with WooCommerce easily syncs contacts, helps segment your audience for more personalized messages and more.

You can even drag and drop items from your product list into email marketing campaigns to provide a more engaging experience for your audience.

Artificial Intelligence technology enables a wide range of useful analytics and reporting tools to help you make better marketing decisions.

Pricing. The free trial will help you get access to Constant Contact’s features and see what you can do.

However, there is no forever free plan. Initial paid packages start at $20, and your price will increase depending on the number of contacts you have.

All of Constant Contact’s basic packages give you access to unlimited email newsletters, sign-up forms, integrations, apps and more. In the basic plan, you even get support for up to 5 users.


  • Lots of tools for easy automation
  • Integration with social networks and websites
  • Signup forms and landing pages
  • Editing functionality with drag and drop
  • Artificial intelligence site-building tools


  • Customer support can be a little slow
  • Free forever plan for beginners

If you need a convenient way to update your WordPress site with automated emails for your customers, Constant Contact is a great email marketing platform.

From AI analytics to leading automation options, there are tons of tools here to help your online business thrive.


MailerLite Review

Another leading e-commerce marketing solution, MailerLite can integrate with a number of e-commerce platforms, including WooCommerce.

This technology is ideal for developing your online store. It has all the tools you need to create opt-in forms and landing pages so you can collect email addresses. You’ll also have access to extensive segmentation and automation. Simple and easy to use, MailerLite offers a wide range of features at a low price.

You can easily connect MailerLite to your WordPress dashboard, track your e-commerce campaigns and more. Access to a wide selection of templates and themes means you can create a more personalized experience for your target audience.

One of MailerLite’s great bonuses is access to a wide range of popup creation tools, so you can find new ways to engage customers and add them to your email marketing workflows.

MailerLite even offers guides and tutorials to show you how to set up your email campaigns with WooCommerce integration.

Pricing. MailerLite has a fantastic free plan for 1,000 subscribers with the ability to send up to 12,000 emails a month without spending a dime.

However, most of MailerLite’s paid plans are also very cost-effective. The cost of your email marketing features will automatically increase depending on the number of people you need to reach.


  • Intuitive interface for fantastic functionality
  • Excellent deliverability rates
  • Lots of customizable templates for landing pages
  • Affordable pricing packages
  • Very easy to use
  • Decent customer support


  • Not the best reporting and tracking
  • Some limitations in managing email lists

Easy to use and perfect for beginners, MailerLite gives you the email marketing functionality you need without the hassle. This handy tool is great for quickly building better relationships with your target audience.


AutomateWoo Review

Finally, AutomateWoo is a tool specifically designed to automate marketing with WooCommerce. AutomateWoo is a state-of-the-art conversion solution designed to help companies convert and retain more customers with easy-to-use automated marketing tools.

You can access a range of templates to create different types of emails, from follow-up emails asking for product reviews and new product suggestions, to abandoned cart emails. You can even integrate SMS notifications, so you have multiple ways to reach your audience wherever they are.

AutomateWoo offers a wide range of features to engage your audience, including wish marketing tools, review rewards to build loyalty, birthday emails, gift card expiration notifications, personalized coupons and friend campaigns.

Pricing. A single-site subscription to AutomateWoo starts at $99 per year, making it one of the cheapest email marketing tools available today.

The subscription comes with all the handy features mentioned above, including welcome series tools and follow-up emails. AutomateWoo used to offer wholesale pricing for companies buying automation tools for a wide range of Web sites, but that’s no longer an option.


  • Extremely affordable annual plan
  • Excellent range of automation campaigns
  • Great for segmentation and personalization
  • SMS notifications for cross-channel marketing
  • Tools to build customer loyalty
  • Great customer support


  • Some limitations compared to other leading marketing tools
  • No bulk purchases or free trial

If you’re looking for a simple and effective email marketing tool for WooCommerce, AutomateWoo is a great and affordable choice.

You can even use the same template for your email campaigns as you do for transactional emails on the site, so it’s easy to create a more consistent online presence.


Mailchimp review

Mailchimp, probably one of the most well-known email marketing solutions on the market, is an easy-to-use tool with its own built-in CRM and lots of handy features.

With Mailchimp’s email marketing plugin, you can easily discover the many ways to attract and convert your customers. You’ll be able to create comprehensive automation strategies for everything from cart abandonment to ecommerce business updates.

Mailchimp offers technology to help you cross-sell, up-sell, and segment so you can make the most of your email list. Mailchimp for WooCommerce features also include access to various analytics reports so you can see which of your email marketing campaigns are having the most positive impact on your customers.

Overall, you get easy-to-use and robust email marketing that can scale with your eCommerce brand.

Pricing. Mailchimp pricing starts with a free plan to connect up to 2,000 contacts, but you’ll have to deal with Mailchimp branding.

Premium plans start at $9.99 for the “essentials,” and you’ll have to pay at least $14.99 to access data-driven automation and optimization tools. Premium functionality is also available for $299 per month.


  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • Integrated CRM solution
  • Multi-step journeys for omni-channel sales
  • Lots of support for beginners
  • Built-in intelligence with optimized dispatch times
  • Various template options


  • Somewhat limited reporting capabilities
  • Scaling up functionality can be expensive

If you need an easy-to-use service that’s ready to offer deeper insights into your target audience, Mailchimp is a great choice. Having a built-in CRM means you can easily keep track of your customer relationships.


If you want to transform your WordPress site and WooCommerce store with email marketing features, there are many ways to do it.

Not only is WordPress good for its SEO functionality, it’s also great for integrating a number of other important tools, from Google analytics and HubSpot CRM, to Amazon sales and, of course, email marketing.

Many of the above options offer free trials so you can test the functionality before you invest money. It might be worth checking out a few options to make sure you’re sure of the best email marketing tool for you before you start spending money.

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