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New Ebay Managed Payments Fee Calculator

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Please note:
eBay calculate your fees based on the total amount of the sale, which includes the item price, shipping and handling costs, sales tax, and any other applicable fees.
So if gross you sold item for 90 but gross amount (with VAT or Sale Tax) will be 100 – your net amount will not the 86,7 but 76,7 only.
Calculation is made for sold price range $0.00 – $2,500.00 and the Basic Store plan subscription.

How payouts work for managed payments sellers

eBay Managed Payments Fee  Calculator

How Much Does eBay Charge To Sell?

You can reach thousands of potential customers through selling on ebay. The cost of selling on ebay varies depending on the package, the category, the number of items you want to sell, the type of subscription you choose and the price by which you sold the items.

How much Does It Cost?
• Ebay offers three Packages. A basic store with 150 listings a month runs for $19.95 per month, while a premium store with 500 listings a month costs $59.95 per month. An anchor store with 2,500
listings a month is $199.95 per month.

• If you don’t want to go with the packages, there are two types of fees you are going to be charged when you sell on ebay; basic and optional fees.

• The basic fees are insertion fee and final value fee. When you list an item on ebay, you will pay an insertion fee whether the item sells or not. The insertion fee for the first 50 items is $0, while additional listings over 50 charge $0.5 to $0.30 per an item. You will pay a final fee when you sell an item. The final fee is 10% of the total amount of the sale; which includes the price of the item, shipping charges and other amount you may charge the buyer.

• Optional fees include advanced listing upgrade fees and supplemental service fees.

• You will be charged advanced listing upgrade fees if you want to add larger pictures, theme, a subtitle and bold title. The fees range from $0.10 to $4. Supplemental service fees will be charged if you want to use global shipping program and managed returns.

What Should Be Included?
• Selling on ebay gives you the chance to display your product in front of millions of people.

• Ebay offers powerful tools to design your store. It also has powerful marketing and traffic reporting features and a dedicated toll-free customer support.

• You can choose from varieties of categories for your item.

Extra Costs May Include
• If you need professional assistance in order to setup your ebay store, it would be an extra cost.

• If you hire professional assistances in order to load images and descriptions of your items, that also is an extra cost.

How to Save Money
• You will get fair discount if you go for yearly subscriptions than monthly ones.

• Creating a simple store with no advanced listing upgrades saves you money.

• If you want professional assistance with setting up your store or uploading images and descriptions, hiring overseas professionals saves you quite significant amount of money. You can find them on websites like Odesk.com, Elance.com and Freelancer.com.

• If you don’t have many items to sell, it is better that you sell the items one by one rather than going for subscriptions.

Some Tips To Know

Do a good research before beginning to sell on ebay. Know your potential competitors and customers very well.

• Make sure you understand the ebay platform and that you are well familiar with it.

• Know very well about your products’ value, history and condition.

• Respond to your potential buyers’ questions and queries as soon as possible. Don’t let too much time to pass.

• Make sure your item is not prohibited on ebay.

• Choose your words smartly when writing your product titles and descriptions. Use your buyers terms as keywords.

• Add a picture to your product since a picture speaks more than thousand words.

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