Best Referral Program For Money

There are many referral programs that allow affiliates to earn money on the internet. Some popular options include:

  1. Amazon Associates: This is a referral program run by Amazon that allows affiliates to earn a commission by promoting products on
  2. ShareASale: This is an affiliate network that connects affiliates with merchants who have products or services to sell. Affiliates can earn a commission by promoting these products or services.
  3. Commission Junction: This is another affiliate network that connects affiliates with merchants who have products or services to sell. Affiliates can earn a commission by promoting these products or services.
  4. FlexOffers: This is an affiliate network that offers a wide variety of products and services that affiliates can promote. Affiliates can earn a commission by promoting these products or services.
  5. Rakuten: This is an affiliate network that offers a wide variety of products and services that affiliates can promote. Affiliates can earn a commission by promoting these products or services.

Ultimately, the best referral program for you will depend on your interests and the types of products or services that you want to promote. It’s important to do your research and find a program that aligns with your goals and provides a good commission structure.

My choice

The best referral program! Available to everyone because it’s related to online shopping (which is winning back a larger percentage of offline retail every year).

This post is based on my personal experience and is accompanied by screenshots from my account.

How I found the top referral program for me

So, meet:

Mr. RebatesI do not remember exactly when I registered in this wonderful service, but if you look at my statistics of payments – it must have been 2012 or 2013, because in 2013 I received my first payment of $14.8.

The first small payouts was a period when the funds in my MrRebates account were accumulating from my own purchases that I made by going to eBay, Amazon, Cabelas, Macy’s, and other stores through the cashback service website.

My payouts in the Mrrebates referral system

Because the interface of the system is very simple and easy to navigate I immediately found a section with the conditions for partners. You invite friends, using e-mail, or posts on Twitter and Facebook.
Mrrebates provides several ways to start generate your partner income
Here is a form to generate an invitation letter for your friends to recommend that they start using MrRebates, if they haven’t already done so.
Form to generate inviation letter to involve friends in partner marketingBut frankly, I like to be more honest about my experiences and bring some tangible benefit to people, rather than just saying  “Hey, man, look – you should use this site if you shop online a lot!”.

By the way, here is what the terms of MrRebates affiliate program look like:

Mr. Rebates is too good of a deal to keep secret. Spread the word to all your friends. They’ll get $5 and you’ll benefit too. Each time your referral gets cash back, you get a bonus equal to 20% of their rebate.

So, for example, if you recommend MrRebates site to your friend, here’s how things will go:

  • If he registers on your recommendation, he will receive a bonus of $5 to his account
  • Then, for example, a friend makes a $100 purchase on Amazon. Actually, depending on which category the items in your friend’s cart will belong to, he can get a maximum of 8% cashback on the amount spent. But for ease of calculation in our example, let’s assume that his cashback will be $5, not $8.
  • So. A friend will get $5 in cashback (and thus his balance will be $5 bonus dollars plus $5 received for his purchases – a total of $10. But MrRebates won’t forget about you either. You’ll get $1 for nothing, just for your friend (20% of earnings of friends according to the rules of

But back to my personal experience. As you could see in the first picture – over time, my payouts have increased significantly.

It’s not about that i don’t like online shopping. Of course I do. But I still try to control myself and be guided by common sense.

Just once on the forum I saw a question – has anyone used a some clothing store, and is it worth to trust. I just had the experience of shopping at the store mentioned in the thread, so I honestly laid out my experience – what I bought, when, how quickly the parcel was delivered.

And at the end I mentioned that everything is OK, the store is reliable and I am satisfied with the purchase, and also gave a link to MrRebates.

Link and banners to post your inviting referral link for cashback shopping

And a screenshot of the order details and the fact that I was credited with a cashback, as I do all my shopping by going to stores from the MrRebates site.

This is where my happy period began. It turned out that users searched over and over again whether they should trust store X, found my post on the forum in Google, learned about the benefits of using MrRebates, registered using a link that I copied in my personal account in the section Banners & Links, and became my referrals.

Where to generate referral link for

There weren’t many of these people, and not all of them seemed to be avid shopaholics or simply forgot to use MrRebates to save money on their purchases.

But thanks to literally 5-6 active users, my balance in MrRebates began to accumulate, and my payouts have also increased.

Now I only regret that I didn’t add a link to MrRebates in my signature on the forum, in the form of text or a small banner. Maybe then more people would have learned about how beneficial it is to be a MRebates user both as a customer and as a member of the affiliate program.

small banner suitable for forum signature to invite more referrals

Anyway, the story goes on. In 2020 I got the maximum payout of $400, and I don’t think that’s the limit.

That’s why I called my article “The best referral program of all time!”. Because MrRebates has never let me down since 2013.

Even now I have a certain amount of money in my account that is available for withdrawal. I calculated how much money I had accumulated in my account just from my friends’ purchases, excluding my own.
This is the chart I got by month:

My income chart

Month Accumulated referral fees
May 2020 $117
June 2020 $33
July 2020 $26
August 2020 $89
September 2020 $88
October 2020 $58
November 2020 $148
December 2020 $65

As you can see, the peak of accumulation naturally occurs during November sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas and New Year sales.

By the way, be calm about privacy: MrRebates does not disclose data about what your friends (referrals) buy.
Here’s what it looks like:

What you can know about your referrals on MrRebates

You only see the amount of your purchase, the amount of Rebate your friend received, and your own reward for telling your friend about a wonderful opportunity to save money on purchases, to both sides’ benefit.

Why for me MrRebates is the best affiliate program I have ever dealt with?

  1. suitablr for everyone – any person can become your referral, because the list of Mrrebates stores is huge, and anyone can most likely buy through Mrrebates, whether he is a fan of hiking, orchids or aquarium fish
  2. lifetime cashback. It sounds pathetic in our turbulent times, but I truly believe it is. MrRebates was founded in 2002. That is, the company successfully existed for 10 years before I learned about it. It exists and pleases me with periodic (and generally – monthly, it depends only on your settings) payments. And I think will exist for many years to come. Even in countries with a highly developed retail market there is still gap for growth of online sales, as the pandemic has shown. And it is growing every year. Not to mention other local  markets of countries, where giants like Amazon appeared only a few years ago.
  3. Simple interface and simple way to gain referrals. It’s enough to try to make any purchase yourself through MrRebates in one of the stores in its catalog to understand how it works and share your personal experience on Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere else.
  4. Smart tools to help sending referrals
  5. Dynamic leaderboard to display top performers

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