I migliori robot per ottenere follower su Instagram e automatizzare

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Because of the opportunities that lie within Instagram’s platform, there is an extreme amount of competition on the platform and it can be tough to gain the amount of popularity and interaction needed to grow at a continual pace. For this reason, many tools and companies have emerged to try and help.

What is Instagram bots?

An Instagram bot (or growth service, as some people call it) automates your account’s interactions (follows/likes/comments/DMs) so you can appear on many more people’s activity feeds. This increases the number of times your username is seen, which in turn, increases your profile visits, followers, and website clicks.

If you try to take your follower growth into your own hands, it can be a long and tiring process. Cosa c'è di più, getting engagements is even more difficult and requires a lot of time spent on Instagram interacting.

These time-consuming interactions often distract from other important tasks such as content planning and creation, caption creation, as well as hashtag strategy, to name a few. If you want to optimize your workflow and keep growing, you’ve got to be sure to use the right tools to help you do so.

One of the most popular tools emerged a few years ago, and this tool is known as an Instagram bot, or Instagram automation. While this was a very popular method for growth in the past, it has since become controversial and heavily regulated by Instagram.

Safety when using bots

An account with great content and the correct automation targets and guidelines will generate interactions that are likely to be perceived as organic and translate into profile visits, which will not be flagged by Instagram.

D'altra parte, an account with uninspiring content that has badly automated targets and guidelines will interact with people who will find the activity inorganic and consider it a “spammy bot”. We’ve all received these annoying automated interactions and know how they generate an unpleasant user experience.

How Does Instagram Recognize Bots?

Currently (this section of the article is constantly updated —the last update was on February 2021), Instagram cracking down on bots by using three techniques.

1. They send you a push notification telling you that they are removing “inauthentic” Likes and Follows they identified were generated by a third party app.They send you a push notification saying that your account information is compromised because you shared it with a third party.

2. They send you a notification to encourage users to change their passwords, which will disconnect them from the third party services so the interaction automation stops — not because their information isactually compromised.

3. They send you a push notification telling you that you’re using a service that helps you get likes and followers and they block your account from interacting for a specific time period. In questo caso, it’s usually because you’re using an automation service that isn’t safe (more on that below) or because you’re automating your likes in a spammy way (read this article about how to automate an Instagram bot that isn’t spammy to learn how to do automate in a way that is unlikely to be noticed). If this happens to you, don’t panic, stop trying to interact, and either change your automation provider or program your interactions at a much slower rate. The block will go away in the time specified in the notification (usually one week) and you’ll be able to continue interacting.

Because you are always at risk of getting these notifications when you’re automating interactions it is best to always be safe and use the safest service out there, and believe me, there are definitely some bot services out there that aremuch safer and more professional than others.

Features to Keep Your Account Safe

Best bots to automate instagram

I’ve spent a lot of time testing a bunch of the automation out there, and from experience, there are a few essential features you need to look for when choosing a safe bot. Here are the most important ones:

Automated activity speeds: Instagram has limits for the number of times an account can perform an activity (follow, like, comment, DM) within an hour before being flagged as spammy (per esempio, 200 follows in an hour). If you don’t know what those limits are, and you’re personally automating the activity speeds of your bot, you’re putting your account at risk.

Instagram keeps those limits secret from the general public, but the teams behind the best automation software see it as part of their jobs to figure out what Instagram’s activity limits are and make sure their customers don’t go over them (if their customers are flagged as spammy, they lose customers and money).

That’s why you should always use a software that has inbuilt activity speeds which are regulated for you automatically to make sure your account doesn’t go over Instagram’s limits. The automation providers who don’t have this functionality aren’t going through the trouble of putting in the work to keep your account safe from being flagged and I wouldn’t recommend using them.

Free VPN purchase and set up for your account: Another way Instagram flags spammy or inauthentic accounts is through their the IP addresses. Instagram prevents some accounts from making actions (likes, follows) because automation services log in your account in using an IP address and location different than yours.

If you keep using your account frequently from your phone while also having an automation service do interactions from a different IP, Instagram is much more likely to flag you. If your automation service provider doesn’t offer a unique proxy when you sign up, you are much more likely to be flagged by Instagram. Don’t take that risk and make sure the bot service you choose is offers a proxy.

The Most Effective and Safest Instagram Bot Services

Now that you know what are the features you should be looking for, below are the automation software services I’ve tested that not only have the features mentioned above but will also likely generate the fastest growth:

(Btw, I change this portion of the article frequently because Instagram changes all the time and this influences which services are the most effective. Currently, Instagram has implemented new changes that most automation providers have not been able to adapt to. This means that most bot providers might malfunction or simply not provide results. If your current bot provider isn’t working for you, make sure to check back here for updates on the latest automation software I’m trying. Anche, if you try a bot provider and it doesn’t work, I’d recommend that you continue trying new ones until you find one that works for you. Different bot providers will work for different accounts. The last update was February, 2021.2. The Most Effective, right now:

The Most Effective, right now:

Software: Ektora

Prezzo: Starts at $99.00 p/month with a 3 day free trial. You can use the code GROWTH20 for a 20% discount when you subscribe.

Has automated activity speedssì.

Has free proxy purchase and setup:  sì, their system takes care of implementing the safety of a proxy for you as well.

Why it’s effective and safeProprio adesso, the most effective bot service in the market is Ektora. They have good customer service, decent analytics, above average targeting features and a unique type of automation software that generates results, right now. They are also so effective because they are new to the market, which means that Instagram hasn’t yet identified their particular automation software practices and therefore hasn’t dimished their affectiveness. If other bots haven’t worked for you, try them out with their 3-day free trial to see if it generates the results you’re after.

Runners Up: If Ektora doesn’t work for you, or if the price is too steep, a comparable, but slightly less effective option is Nitreo that starts at $49 al mese (Please note that Nitreo automates the activity of follow/unfollow to get you great results. Keep that in mind when you’re signing up because not everyone wants that for their account.). If you use an android phone, Followyst that starts at around $35 USD is also an option that is currently getting results.

The Best Value & Safest:

Software: Inflact

Prezzo: Starts at $57 p/month (and you can use code “PINLORD” to get 17% off your purchase).

Has automated activity speeds: sì, they offer an automated activity speeds functionality.

Has free proxy purchase and setup: sì, it’s incorporated in the software.

Why it’s effective and safe: The team behind Ingrammer released Inflact as an update to their long running and reliable software. This version is more effective at interacting on Instagram (which has gotten INCREASINGLY hard as time goes by) and still has the great customer service and support we’ve come to expect from this team.

They also have functions like a stories viewer (which can also generate considerable traffic as stories tend to be more visible on instagram) content scheduler and automator, DM manager, hashtag generator, profile analyzer and content downloader, all included in their $57 p/month price tag.

Given their still very responsive customer service, easy of use and wide array of tools and long track record of keeping accounts safe, they are the best value & safest automation service in the market out there right now if you’re looking for more than just automation.

Runners Up: Proprio adesso, there aren’t any real replacements for the value and safety that Inflact has been offered for some time now.

The Cheapest:

Prezzo: Starts at $15.00 p/month.

Software: Instamber

Has automated activity speeds: sì, their “Limits” (interaction speed settings) are regulated to give you the highest likelihood of having the best results while not going over Instagram’s interaction limits. Make sure to not change your Limit numbers.

Has free proxy purchase and setup: They offer one that costs $.75, which is worth the price.

Why it’s effective and safe: I’m currently recommending Instamber despite them not offering a VPN or set up because, as of now, they’ve made the biggest strides in adapting to the latest Instagram algorithm changes so their service actually works. This tends to keep your account safer than other services that haven’t adapted and their interaction services are more likely to be stopped by Instagram. They also offer a new feature in which you can automate the process of viewing stories, which greatly increases your reach and results as well as features that enable you to schedule and automate posts and respond to DMs directly through their dashboard.

Doing all of these actions from their service will help keep your account safe because it’ll appear as if you’re using only one IP, not going back and forth between two (your phone’s IP and their IP) and Instagram tends to flag accounts who are interacting heavily between more than one IP. On top of that, they also offer other features like Influencer search, hashtag searches, account comparisons, a manual interaction tool that helps you be able to still “like” other posts even after you’re blocked on Instagram, and a bunch others. This wide array of tools gives you overall great value for your investment.

Btw, if you want to get the best results while keeping your account safe with them, you can read how I automate a bot on Instamber by following my guide at the bottom of this article.

Runners Up: Another viable and comparable option, right now, is Insta Captain starting at $4.99 p/month. They get relatively low ban/action block rates because they sign in the user on the official instagram app and work through the android version, which makes it safe. Other long-running bot services that have had issues but might be an option if nothing else has worked for you are Instagram Bot Follower starting at (4.99 Euro p/month), Instazood, and Boostgram.

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