The fees for listing an item depend on the price, format and category you choose, and whether you have an eBay Store.

The ebay comission (percentage of sale) is calculated on the 10% standard fee for most categories, including Motors Parts & Accessories and Automotive Tools and Supplies.

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About eBay percentage fee calculator

This calculator may seem too simple, but believe me, it will fit 98% of sellers to calculate their profit from selling items.

Because the most detailed EBAY cost calculator for an auction which is including all comissions and percentages should look something like this:

Most complex eBay comission fee calculator developed by Ryan Olbe but not updated long time.

So in 98% of cases, it’ll be faster for the seller to put a couple of dollars to the price if there’s any doubt about the profitability of the deal.

It will take much longer to figure out the huge number of options that eBay is trying to increase your final commission. And in the end, it’s very likely that you’ll respond “no” to all of these drop down options.

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