Ahrefs is the most value tool and site explorer to analyse the domain and its backlink profile, HTML links, redirects, etc.
Here the detailed step by step manual how to do domain analysis very cheap, almost for free (just 15 cents per one domain check).

If you have Telegram app installed – you can check out the work of service for free first time

or read the instructions.

1. Download and install Telegram messenger on your PC or smartphone
install telegram app
2.  AfterTelegram has been installed – open this link in the application
You’ll be redirected into the special Telegram bot which is made special for work with most powerful SEO services.

webmaster bot on Telegram

3.  Now just press “Start” button to run the bot
start the service
4. Now you’ll see the first level menu of the bot. Choose the first button in the left corner (“Services”).

choose menu "Services"

5. Then when the second level menu will appear – press “Ahrefs”. By the way – the first domain check is free.ahrefs analysis on telegram6. Here we choose the type of ahrefs analysis we need.

ahrefs type of analysisInscriptions on the buttons mean:

  • domain analysis (ahrefs domain rating)
  • link analysis
  • keyword analysis
  • batch analysis

7. Press for example the first button (domain analysis). The bot will offer to you provide the name of domain your want to check.

provide your domain for ahrefs analysis

8. You’ll receive one else confirmation message from bot. Press “Agree” like shown on the screenshot:
last confirmation before analysis will be done
9. Now bot generate for you link which will availbale for work during 10 minutes.
The example of what you’ll get for option “Domain analysis” you can evaluate here:

The using of this bot is very cheap – just approx. 10 cents per one check. Also other famous SEO services are availbale (such as publicWWW and Semrush).

In the next part i will tell how to add fund on the Bot balance.