Tesla Model 3 Road Trip Review

I tried to do a little road trip in a Tesla Model 3. In principle, it’s not that scary. What conclusions can be drawn?

  • Tesla is very good at calculating the range and the remainder of the battery to the destination. These figures can be trusted (if you do not exceed them too much).
  • If the area is well covered with superchargers then the trip is very comfortable, the route is built with stops to recharge and exactly see if the charger works and how many seats are free
  • The loss of time, taking into account going to the jostle and getting coffee, is minimal. It’s usually 20-30 minutes.
  • supercharger charges well only when the battery is almost empty
  • after 70% charging takes forever
  • The 250kW chargers accelerate to max power in the 5-20% range and don’t make much practical sense. Saving 5-7 minutes.
  • The actual range between chargers is much less than full, since the strategy is to arrive at ~10% and move out at 60-70%. There is no point in waiting for a full charge if the next charger is available.
  • On 250 kW chargers, each stall is independent and does not share a kW with a neighbor
  • Homemade non-Teslovian chargers are shit. There is no guarantee that it works or is free, and if there is no contactless payment is likely to be through the ass (web site or app). More often than not the speed will be low, around 50kW.
The 250kW chargers accelerate to max power in the 5-20% range

Conclusion: traveling in a Tesla is ok in principle, but not ideal. For relatively rare trips it is quite possible to live. Constantly drive long distances – so far better a classic vehicle. In the mode of local trips and charging at home Tesla is 100% more convenient than the internal combustion engine.

What should be improved: I would like to have one and a half to two times more range and at least 80% charging speed. And more superchargers, especially in the fuckin’ countryside. Then everything would be as perfect as for local trips.

It is also noteworthy that on V3 superchargers with 250kW the hose is much thinner and more flexible than on the old 150kW ones, but judging by the tactile sensations and sound there is active water cooling. And yes, a quarter of a megawatt per portrait is no joke.

Well, it is important that the option Full Self driving for $ 10k is something that you do not need to take the word completely. Firstly no self driving does not work except limited beta full of bugs. Secondly, even when this thing will work it is absolutely useless if you have to hold on to the steering wheel like an idiot.

P.S. When I take the gasoline after the electric – it seems that the car is broken, not accelerating, twitching, buzzing. And the interior of course, the screen is like a matchbox and a lot of buttons.

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